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September 10, 2009
Designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright

Designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright

What is design? What tells us what good design is? There’s so many things out there, in terms of media, clothing, graphics etc that appeals to a wide variety of people. I wanted to start out by asking about something that connects most people. Clothing. How do you choose what you want to wear? Do you follow the trends? Pick and choose? Or perhaps you choose what you like, regardless of current trends or fashion. The same applies to anything else, including design. What appeals to you most in design?

Take this picture for example. Most agree that this design and creation by Frank Lloyd Wright is a fantastic example of great design. But what really makes up good design. There are a few points I’d like to write about here. One thing I like to see in design is simplicity. This doesn’t mean boring, but reductive and basic. I also prefer clean lines, though I can appreciate design that is ‘gritty’ and/or emotional.

One definition of design is this. The purposeful or inventive arrangement of parts or details. But design has a lot more to it than that. Some argue that design without function cannot be called good design. It’s a good design if it looks good while improving on previous models. Chairs are a prime example of a household item that has undergone probably hundreds of revisions and changes. One website (listed below) lists design as being sustainable, accessible, functional, well-made, emotionally resonant, enduring, socially beneficial, beautiful, ergonomic and last of all, affordable. That’s a pretty tall order for a designer.

So what is your definition of design?

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