at journey’s end

December 17, 2009

treeAs of next week, this semester of school has ended. This blog project has been very eye-opening in relation to both design and communication. I’ve learned lots about blogging, getting hits, and establishing a clean design. This post may or may not be the final post, I haven’t quite decided yet, but I thought I’d use this post to reflect on all that I’ve covered so far, and look at a few new things to consider.

In the previous posts, I covered these topics: what is design, the Falkirk Wheel, web tutorials, exploring other design, websites, and where you can go if you wanna get involved in design professionally.

Over this past 4 months, give or take, I’ve been able to research and reference a lot of information that I hope gives a little bit of guidance for those who need a bit of help.

I’d like to end this set of entries with a few links to lots of design, tutorials and photo resources that you can use in your work online or off.

Click here for a huge list of tutorials. They’re great for both the basics of drawing/coloring as well as a ton of digital work too.

Click here for a great stock photo website. This is also a great stock photo site too. If you’re using stock photos non-professionally you can find lots here.

So that’s all I have for now, feel free to check back for more entries later. Happy designing!


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