November 16, 2009


how website design works

how website design works

We’re currently working on editing some css coding for a website, and in the future we’ll be creating the code. So while theres a lot to learn about xhtml, css, php, etc etc we as designers are focusing on the visual and graphic elements. And using those to create an identity for ourselves and our blog/website.

So what’s important when it comes to visual design in an online format?

Well one thing is impact. What does a person see the moment our webpage loads? How do they react on seeing our blog or homepage? Those are things that we must consider when creating and designing a webpage. If someone is flipping through blogs, we want them to see something on our page that will keep them there.

Your page has to be attractive. People react to appearance, so our designs have to be interesting and appealing. You can go for a classical feel. The tried, tested and true approach to web design that can be seen throughout web pages that use a well organized and standard approach. Or you can try something off-the-wall, using mood/image/colour/etc that conveys creativity and visual richness. That approach creates more of a mental response than the standard web design.

So how does your website measure up?

Does it grab the eye and make the user scan the page, or is the design a bit more classic? You can make either approach work for your page, depending largely on what kind of response you want to illicit.

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  1. I agree, appearance is a very important factor. If the viewer is not captivated by the way the site looks then they will probably not be willing to read on. In fact, they will generally just leave the site altogether. I really like how you made me stop and think about my own design approach, very catching in itself.

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