October 14, 2009
Beauty and the Beast by Hamsterfly on Deviantart

Beauty and the Beast by Hamsterfly on Deviantart

The image above is a beautifully painted piece of art. Probably digital. Not everyone is capable of creating such an amazing picture. Now how does one become able to do such great art? Well they probably have a tablet (it helps) and they most likely used a program like Painter or Photoshop. The program we’re going to look at is Photoshop.

Photoshop is a huge program. It’s far more huge than Illustrator and InDesign and a lot more complex. It would take massive amounts of extra time in order to master Photoshop. So what do you do when you want to create a certain effect on your photo, or create a specific texture in your image?

Have some things you want to try out but don’t know where to start?

Check out some tutorials. Tutorials are usually user-created step-by-step instructions on how to achieve a certain result. Tutorials can be found throughout the web for almost any program. You can find them for video, image and audio software and as we are interested in, Photoshop. You can learn the basics of Photoshop or learn more advanced techniques. You can find them all over the web and even in design-related magazines.

One popular spot for posting and searching for tutorials is the ever-popular Deviantart. There are many other websites that host a multitude of Photoshop how-to that helps you add that extra flair to your pictures.

Check out Deviantart here

Click here for another great tutorial resource


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