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October 1, 2009
Falkirk Wheel, Scotland

Falkirk Wheel, Scotland

As I was skimming through random blogs, one particular post caught my attention. I thought I’d give the contents of that post another look from a design standpoint. The thing that caught my eye was a boat lift. A one of a kind, rotating boat lift that is. It is located in Falkirk, Scotland and is used to connect the Forth and Clyde canal with the Union canal. Originally there was a 35m vertical difference between the two and it took 11 separate locks to connect the two locations. However with this new technology, boats can be transferred safely and easily. The system is based on Archimede’s principle of displacement.  The boat along with some of the water it floats in, is lifted on one side, while the other side takes in the same weight in water. That way there is no fear of tipping over or breaking.

The design of the boat lift is elegant yet remains functional. It is very sleek yet simple. The lift includes a futuristic-looking set of aqueducts that lead out onto the water and connect with the lift itself. The structure is clean, white, shiny and elegant looking, utilising then newest of technologies. It is currently the only rotating boat lift in the world and a huge step for related technologies. The lift uses wheels to turn the wheel and lift each side. There are also sets of interlocking cogs (for backup) if the wheels were ever to stick or slide due to friction. Tours are available, you just have to go to Scotland to see this clever piece of technology and design. Or you can browse the websites. Go check it out!





  1. I DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT IT IS FOR lol…do people ride on it? Gosh the video was dramatic hey? hahah

  2. yeah its pretty neat, it actually lifts an entire boat, including the people on it :D

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